RPX suite is a full CMS built from the ground-up to handle PHP-based websites (for both the front-end website experience and the back-end administration system) for a swift, quick, and unique experience.
It empowers users and website administrators with an engine that is unlike many on the market today, offering unique features such as:
An engaging front-end that is optimized to suit the look and feel of the required website without heavy non-needed plugins and bloat. Features include flexible code add-ins, URL optimization and shortening, and an organized layout.
Optimized for Arabic (right-left conversion) and English (left-right)
In addition to a full English layout and admin panel, RPX offers the possibility to show off all of the website and its contents in multiple languages with support for an Arabic layout that does not show a buggy automated feel, but its own (right-to-left) layout along with all of the website features translated as needed by the admin.
Powerful internal search features
Comes with an integrated in-site search engine that looks for user input deep within site content and only shows back results that are visible to the public.
What makes RPX truly unique is its back engine and features that can help you run, manage, and monitor your online business or personal blog at ease.
Safe and secure
Utilized for HTTPS and uses irreversible encryption techniques for better security while not hindering usage.
Management Panel
Easily add, modify, and publish stories and pages to your website in multiple languages.
Measure and grow
While offering integration with Google Analytics, Search Console, and Ads; RPX offers powerful internal measurement for growth and keyword tracking.
RPX Scripting interface
For tech-savvy administrators, RPX offers a scripting interface for instantly printing dynamic and complex shapes into articles and stories on website.
Team tracking and management
Easily manage your team via assigning appropriate permissions for each and monitoring their work.
Tidy up
RPX offers multiple layers of organization for content on website under Articles and Pages using Categories and Tags.
RPX Swapper File Manager
One of the core features offered with the RPX suite is the Swapper file manager that helps organize, store, and share files easily with your audience. Swapper is custom-built to offer:
  • Easy to navigate and manage files on server that mimics a File Explorer on a local computer.
  • Easily assign folders accessible for public and others that are used privately.
  • Find website backup files of database and mailing lists within.
  • Allows direct file sharing using absolute path with the possibility to collect user email and auto-send the required file.
RPX Mailing List
Collect, monitor, manage, and grow your mailing list with the powerful integrated RPX Mailing tool that offers:
  • Notify new site users to join the mailing list and collect their info, while identifying returning registered users (not showing them this notification).
  • Depending on admin need, users get to download any file on website pending their enrollment in the mailing list.
  • Send mass emails in multiple languages and test your emails before sending them off.
  • Unsubscribe & re-subscribe features.
  • Get stats on each email (deliveries, clicks, subscriptions).
  • And many more ...
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